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Tips for Outdoor Timber Fences: How to Maintain, Repair and Keep Your Outdoor Fence in Shape

May 4, 2024

If you have a lawn, then it’s likely that you also have an outdoor wooden fence. These are great for enclosing a yard, keeping pets in or excluding guests from your home or driveway. However, they can be a real maintenance challenge if you let them become overgrown and ineffective. A well-maintained fence will not only look great and blend in with the rest of the landscape; it will also be more durable, able to resist damage and maintain its appearance for longer. Each year, nearly half of all people who own a home consider putting in an exterior fence to protect their properties against vandals and intruders as well as deter unwanted visitors. Here are some tips on how to keep your outdoor wood fence in peak condition:

Maintain your fence regularly

The best way to ensure a long life for your fence is to regularly maintain it. This will mean trimming any overgrown or unkempt bushes and trees that sit alongside your fence line, removing any branches that are damaged or broken, and applying a regular coat of anti-rusting paint to any metal parts of the fence that you cannot clean. It will also mean cleaning and maintaining any fittings, such as gates or posts to make sure that they don’t become rusty and damaged. Regular maintenance not only makes sure that your fence looks good, it also increases its lifespan and makes it more durable. How often you should be performing these tasks will depend on your fence’s exact condition and location, but it is always a good idea to make an effort to stay on top of things.

Repair damaged sections immediately

If you have a section of your fence that is damaged or has cracked, the best course of action is to have it fixed as soon as you can. While this may take a little longer, it will make your fence more durable and last longer in the long run. It may be easier if you have a section that is smaller and close by as you can always bring it inside and fix it there. The longer it takes you to get it fixed, the more likely it is that the section will become overgrown, damaged or destroyed completely. If your fence is damaged, you should contact a local fence repair company as soon as possible. Make sure that you explain the damage and what part of your fence it is on. If possible, take a photo of where it is to make things easier.

Clear any obstacles or overgrown vegetation from your fence line

If there are any obstacles or overgrown plants on the side of your fence line, they will cause damage to your fence and make it look unkempt and messy. This is the quickest way to damage your fence and should be avoided at all costs. It may be difficult to remove some of these things, such as overgrown shrubs or trees, but you can usually prune them back or remove them completely. You can also try to clear any tall objects that are in the way of your fence, such as light posts or other structures, that may have been placed there by mistake. If there are any large shrubs or trees alongside your fence, it may be more practical to have them moved rather than trying to clear them from the fence line. This is a more permanent solution and will not damage your fence in any way. You may have to have a professional help you with this task.

Don’t forget to clean and lubricate your gears and joints regularly

If you don’t clean and lubricate your gears and joints regularly, they will become damaged and become liable to failure. This will cause your fence to become less effective and could even cause an accident. This is something that you should be doing every few months regardless of the state of your fence. It can be difficult to get to the gears and joints of your fence because they are usually located on the top of a post or gate. However, you should try to get to them as soon as possible. If you can, you can either lower the gate or open it. You can also clean these parts with a wire brush, a garden hose and some anti-rusting cleaner.


Outdoor wooden fences are an excellent way to protect your property and can be a great asset if you live in a rural area. They can also be used to enclose gardens or areas in your yard, such as a patio or deck. Not only do they provide security, but they also add to the appearance of your home and property. However, like any other type of structure, they require regular maintenance to stay in good condition and protect your property. If you do this, you can enjoy years of service from your fence.